Carnival celebrations with disabled children - suggestions

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Carnival celebrations with disabled children - suggestions

Each child with a disability has specific needs and desires.

If you celebrate Carnival with disabled children, prepare the hard-intensive. It is important that you know your little proteges well and to assess how they respond to extraordinary events. Not every child with a disability would be about noise and colorful balloons, the situation can quickly lead to an excessive demand.

Celebrate with disabled children - Preliminary

There are countless forms of disability. As a rule, disabled and non-disabled children are cared for together in the course of inclusion. The following tips are aimed at institutions, are looked after together in the children with physical and mental disabilities. The shared experience is intended to stand in the foreground.

  • Before you celebrate Carnival with disabled children, you should think about how make up your group. If it is physically disabled or has a lot of the little ones a mental disability?
  • The age of the child plays an important role. Toddlers with disabilities are overwhelmed with faster changes and processes that differ from familiar everyday rituals.
  • You should never perform a carnival party with your special children alone. It makes sense, next to the room where you celebrate, nor have other rooms. Thither a colleague may withdraw with the children, where it is too loud or too strenuous.
  • Even little things make a day of celebration for children with disabilities to a special day. Instead plan a comprehensive program, you should open your eyes to details set, such as small treats or a fun decoration.
  • To a carnival party usually include loud music and costumes. This can, however, cause anxiety in mentally retarded children. thus disguising yourself only discreetly and avoid it, crank up the music too loud.
  • Inform regarding the expiry of celebration. Before the festival the children's parents Thus, this also at home attune and prepare their children on it. Alternatively, you can invite the parents and to the party, because they know best how your child reacts in exceptional situations.
  • During the party, you should watch the children are always aware and sure to draw in no case your program. If you notice that some children feel uncomfortable, you should stop the celebration prefer. It should finally be for all a beautiful day, who does not count the little ones under stress.

Tips for a party with handicap kids

  • If possible, the tinker Deko together for a party with some kids. Explain what the decorations are used. The children are proud of your earnings and will not be unprepared fait accompli.
  • Celebrate prefer together in small groups with many children. So comes to less restlessness and you have all the children and their well being always in view.
  • Routine and rituals are important for disabled children so that they feel safe and secure. Begin, therefore, the carnival day with the usual greeting rituals and do not take before too many changes to the daily operations.
  • Think about games where at least able to play most of the children. Well suited are singing or clapping games, because they delight both children with physical as well as mental impairments.
  • Plan for the celebration of a one to two hours. That's enough for most children. Finally, you should sing a familiar song or take a finger game to so guide the children from the state of emergency back in the Alltagzu.

Suggestions for games with physically disabled children

  • Although the degree of physical disability varies: Usually, your children can move their hands and fingers. How it would be if they make together to a melody music? Suitable for this purpose Orff instruments such as wood blocks and rattles.
  • Depending on the age of the children also offer games that are played at the table. Toll is a quiz, a bingo game or classics like Chinese whispers.

Ideas for party fun with mentally handicapped children

  • Even mentally handicapped children romp like and move. For the celebration, you can therefore build a movement course or offer sweepstakes.
  • Beautiful are also games like Topfschlagen: Children must blindfolded with a spoon find an upturned pot. Among them is a small gift or a treat.

If you watch your children well and act situation-oriented during the celebration, the festival will be safe for all parties a success.

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