Carnival costumes - Hamburg They embody so

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Carnival costumes - Hamburg They embody so

embody at Carnival Hamburg.

Below are each a guide on how you can even create your costumes on Hamburg, and St. Pauli and Hamburg Harbour.

The St. Pauli's costumes

  • For men, the St. Pauli's costumes are found quickly. You can dress up as rockers or woman.
  • For the Carnival costume Rockers Need a dark leather pants and a black sweater, preferably with white letters on the belly. About the black sweater you should wear a leather vest with studs and leather threads. For the feet you should also black biker boots, best front tapered bearing.
  • The very courageous can leave the hair to a few millimeters in length or completely shave for the perfect costume.
  • For the look of a woman costume men should rummage in the cupboard of your women and get hold of a pair of tights, a skirt, high heels and a blouse. To complete the look, wear a wig and jewelry, and can make up your face.
  • For women, the costume choice on St. Pauli limited. Basically here is only the embodiment of a scantily clad lady.
  • For this you should tights, z. B. fishnet tights, wear a short skirt and high heels. The tights and skirt can be replaced by a pair of pants. As shell you should use a blouse. Style your hair refined and carry out some conspicuous makeup, because of carnival everything is supposed to be shown in somewhat overstated.

embody the Port of Hamburg

  • The theme Port of Hamburg as costumes caters for both men and women, a great choice. Conceivable topics would captain, sailor or fisherman.
  • When it comes to the Captain Men should wear a dark blue or white suit. should be stiched this with gold bars and gold buttons. Important for a captain are the golden strips on the sleeves and shoulders. Furthermore, the captain should always wear a blue or white captain's hat.
  • The women can wear either also a dark blue or white suit or a dress and a captain's hat when it comes to captain.
  • If you opt for your costumes for the sailors, it is important that the clothes casual precipitates as the captain. Women and men should wear a white shirt and a dark blue or black pants. Passing this should wear black shoes.
  • Do not use golden applications. Bring the level of the breast pocket of your shell z. B. a ship's anchor at. And you wear on your head a plain white sailor cap, with an anchor symbol on the front and blue, long strip on the back.
  • The anglers Faschingskostüm is relatively easy to make. You must wear dark green clothes that applies both to the pants, the upper part as well as for rubber boots. On the head, you can still wear a dark green wool cap depending on your preference. Accessories like the Angel, the bucket and the fish are very important for the angler. This you should remember when designing your costumes.
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