carry and use MBT shoes properly

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carry and use MBT shoes properly

One foot is not a block, but a marvel of our musculoskeletal system. A good shoe should match it.

wearing MBT for your feet with moderation and understanding

  • Do not wear the shoes the same day and night, but get used to it. Initially only at home, then getting longer, unless you have any complaints. The shoes are not as harmless - who is not accustomed to the beginning should "stand as ne olle woman with claudication," like a MTB shoe carrier reported because his untrained muscles "raged".
  • Especially when you start to change wrinkles, then pull off his shoes. The reason may be that your muscles, which will keep from folding is not yet strong enough.
  • The sole of an MBT shoe is rounded. Start off easy and, above all, set up when walking on (do not run prevented). If you do not automatically naturally, take special care.
  • For jogging shoe is only conditionally suitable, since this the knee can be overstressed.
  • The sole is not so rugged that the shoe is suitable for longer walking. From days of hiking with an MBT shoe is not recommended.
  • MBTs claim - and train with - small muscles near the joint, the shock absorbers function as a kind. The patented sole has a "soft Masai Sensor", which lies under the heel and uneven ground simulated. This natural instability is generated which compensates for your musculoskeletal system. There are people who walk on tiptoe and not put on the heel. For such people, the shoe is completely unsuitable.
  • The midsole requires you that your foot makes an active rolling movement, so it promises at least the manufacturer. Fashion is not contrary.
  • And really, really enter the MTB shoes if you with relaxing smiling face Aware of the benefits that you do your musculoskeletal system with each step and you an orthopedist has confirmed stroll through the concrete world.

Harmful effects of special shoes with round bottom

  • Some MBT wearers complain about the lack of lateral support, which should have even torn ligaments to bad sequence. Schools so your body awareness, you are really stable in the footwear.
  • If you have a leg incorrect loading, then MTB shoes can even have harmful effects. You should always consult an experienced orthopedic surgeon and undergo an examination as to whether these shoes are suitable for you.

Against this background, one can still see walking barefoot as most advisable. But you should go barefoot so that you deliberately roll the foot. This requires a bit of exercise (exercise training). A professor, orthopedics expert jogs, only barefoot and was filming that.

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