Carsten steel - Exciting

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Carsten steel - Exciting

Carsten Stahl is a famous TV detective.

Carsten steel - known from the private television

Carsten Stahl, born on 10.30.1972, is the star of the RTL II pseudo Dokusoap "private detectives in use". It concerns with the program, which is usually sent in the afternoon to a request in format, which means that there is no genuine cases are shown. Instead, the respective cases of amateur actors played. This is due to the highly variable acting skills of the actors also often readily apparent. The team led by Carsten steel are fans but puzzling - is the detective steel was invented real or for show?

Steel work and its activities

If you're a fan of the show, it should rather disappoint be for you, that it is not the detective in reality. Instead, it was invented. RTL 2 explains, however, that all cast members from the show in real life are active either as an investigator or as bodyguards.

  • Carsten steel itself has somewhat learned running its own account in the first professional completely different: He is an industrial mechanic in the field of wood technology.
  • After his training he went though the Bundeswehr and began as a bouncer and bodyguard work. He also admits to have a foreign education in the field of combating terrorism.
  • Currently, he indicates to be an independent contractor, but there are only a few details. Fans assume that he has worked as a bodyguard in real life. He is also, of course, actors.

If you look at the cast list of the shipment, you will find that Carsten Stahl and Stefan and Miriam Wolloscheck participate under their real names. The names of some other roles similar to the name of its performer strong. This could be an indication of which one of them is real.

The investigators over his body

Besides his work many fans interested in steel toned body. Although it makes it appear otherwise, it indicates not to be a bodybuilder. Instead submitted his muscles, as he himself says, from more than twenty years of experience in martial arts. He trained among others in the MMA area and has a fitness trainer license. He is also heavily tattooed and leaving covered with many Japanese characters his entire upper body in less than a year, which are among others for honor, loyalty and dominance. Straight steel appearance, it is that convinces many real detectives believe that he himself is not one, because as a detective trying normally always to be inconspicuous.

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