Castle with engraving - Here's how

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Castle with engraving - Here's how

A castle is a symbol of safety.

Here you can make an engraving

  • A Castle engraving you can actually leave customize wherever you can imitate also key. Here could be mentioned next to hardware stores and locksmiths, as they are found in every major shopping center.
  • Usually a corresponding engraving is not only relatively inexpensive, but can also be done within a few minutes. Thus, your castle is also suitable as a spontaneous gift.
  • There are also the Internet a large number of online stores that have specialized in the engraving of Love locks. Here you can choose a type of lock, enter the text to be engraved and get the castle, along with keys, sent.
  • You should always distinguish between a mechanical engraving and laser engraving. While the price advantage clearly is the part of the laser engraving, many people feel a mechanical engraving as visually appealing.

You can visit the castle and even engrave

  • There are both reasons that suggest to engrave the castle itself, as well as counter-arguments. This is supported surely that your gift in this way is much more personal. Finally, not having cut the letters into the metal of unknown employees of a locksmith, but you yourself have made this effort. On the other hand the result of your efforts will probably look messy, as if it had made a professional.
  • If you want to make the engraving itself, you need to purchase a corresponding engraving in the construction market. Sometimes there are these for less than € 20. You should bring in a sample but also some locks to practice, because it is unlikely that direct your first attempt will be a success.
  • Before engraving you should paint on the desired inscription with a permanent marker on the lock. By engraving pen you then simply need to follow the painted strokes.
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