Cat constantly dressing up - so you interpret behaviors of your favorite properly

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Cat constantly dressing up - so you interpret behaviors of your favorite properly

remedy when the cat constantly dressing.

Mites, fleas and other parasites entice the cat to be too clean. But even a behavior disorder may be the cause, when the animal is constantly dressing.

Therefore the animal dressing as often

  • Often the cat parasites that entice the animals to have to constantly clean. Fleas bite the cat and suck this blood, causing the cat gets an itch. the animal Dressing well, this itching goes away. But mites can be to blame if the cat constantly dressing.
  • If you suspect a parasite infestation in your cat, then you should check the coat and treat the animal with an appropriate agent. This you get at the vet or the pet trade and can the cat be successfully treated at home. Once the parasites are gone in the cat, also leaves the itching gradually the cat no longer dressing up constantly.
  • If your pet does not tolerate the food, there may be a food allergy, which bring the cat rash, skin lesions, or an itch. The cats try these symptoms then relieve by brushing often. Here creates a simple and immediate change of feed rapid solution. Pay attention to the ingredients, and buy the best biological food with as much meat and no additives such as dyes or preservatives.

When the cat's behavior is constantly

  • dressing the cat over a longer period, then the behavior can quickly solidify and the constant grooming is quite normal for your cat. Therefore, it is important that you stop and distract the cat away. In the absence of parasites, then can help distract the animal other means.
  • With a simple game you can the cat distracted when they are constantly dressing. By playing forgets the cat, she wanted to do, and is not only easy, but also determines like to invite to play. dressing during which the animal, then push it briefly and then play on.
  • Can the cat does not deter you from brushing, and there are neither fleas nor other pests present, then you should seek a dialogue with an animal psychologist. Unfortunately, there are also a few cats that are constantly brushing, because a fault in the conduct. If it is a behavioral problems, then be able to prescribe an appropriate agent and treat the cat therapist.
  • He tells you exactly how to deal with the cat and what measures you can apply at home itself to help the animal.
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