Cat: fleas fight with flea powder

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Cat: fleas fight with flea powder

Fleas cause severe itching.

Fleas in your cat can fight quickly and reliably with flea powder.

fight fleas successfully

  • If your pet has fleas, then these parasites are not only on the animal, but keep on also in the surroundings. Since the fleas but all must be fought, you should also treat your home properly with a flea control product.
  • When using flea powder against parasites, then you can apply this both directly on the animal and in the environment. It acts quickly and can be completely removed without residue from the carpet or from the couch again.

Treat the cat with flea powder

  • The flea powder to bring best if sprinkle it against the grain in your cat's coat. Given stripe with one hand from back to front through the fur and sprinkling the Stubentiger thoroughly so that a.
  • Give a little of the flea control product on the abdomen and on the inside of the legs, so that the agent can act on any part of the body. The head, however, you should not treat them with flea powder.
  • If you need to fight the parasites properly and effectively, then repeat the application at least three times a week. Comb the cat before each use, because you already remove dead fleas and their feces.

Clean the environment correctly

  • Suck out the entire apartment and soak up all carpets very thoroughly. Then scatter the flea powder on the carpet and also give some of the agents in all nooks and crannies.
  • You can also buy the sofa and chairs intersperse so and so successfully combat the parasites in the environment. Let it always act at least twelve hours before sucking again.

Fleas you fight best when you act quickly and treat not only the cat, but the whole environment with an appropriate flea control.

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