Cat scratching bloody - you can do

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Cat scratching bloody - you can do

Straker itching and an associated scratching can be caused by mites!

Help when the cat scratches bloody

  • Often it is the bodies, such as the ears, head and neck, where the cat is scratching bloody. How obsessed many cat scratch repeatedly at the same place, even though the skin is already injured there extensively. Such a severe itching is caused in most cases by ear mites. The mite the ears of the cat are added, it may cause heat to build up and give to said itchiness.
  • Look at the ears of your cat closely. If you find dark brown crusts or plenty of earwax, then you need some ears of cat and fight the mites. To supply caused by scratching open wounds, you can apply a little baby powder on the affected skin or some ointment.
  • The ear mites you can fight quickly and safely with a special agent from the vet. This spot on you drizzle in the neck fur of your cat, and within a few days, the mites should be dead. but nevertheless, the ears must be cleaned. You can either a special ear cleaner or simply use warm water.
  • From the ear cleaner add a few drops into the ear and massage this a slight pressure. Please protect your eyes but because the cat will likely shake, and so the filth of the mites can fly through the air here. Then wipe with a dry cloth from the ear and repeat the process until the ear is clean.
  • The itching and inflammation of the scraped skin can counteract the homeopathic remedy Cardiospermum. In addition, you can use the skin that your cat has scratched bloody, rub with marigold ointment. Once the mites are gone, is also the itching, and thus stop the scratching. In very bad cases, you get the vet a funnel, you can attract the cat.
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