Cats and parasites - Informative

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Cats and parasites - Informative

Fleas, worms and other parasites of the cat

Cats can be attacked by various species of parasites

Most parasites, of which cats can be infected, are annoying but relatively harmless and to treat very well in most cases.

  • Among the best known parasites certainly include the fleas with which especially infect those Stubentiger that just reside not only in the house, but have free passage. Infection occurs most often through contact with other velvet paws. Fleas are not dangerous in most cases and can be effectively treated by appropriate medication and means.
  • A significantly more unpleasant form of parasite called Giardia, which also are also notifiable because humans can also become infected. The Giardia are mostly staying in the small intestine and cause at the affected animals usually diarrhea. Treatment can be very time consuming, the biggest threat to Stubentiger of fluid loss is caused by the diarrhea.
  • Also among the more harmless unwanted roommates of quadrupeds include mites, which are available in different variants. Known are, above all, the ear mites, which become noticeable by black and crumbly debris in the ear. In addition, the so-called predatory mites are more often present, the cause of the affected animals stronger Hautschuppungen.
  • Worms should not be underestimated, especially since they can occur in many different variants as so-called endoparasites. Although most worms cause symptoms such as diarrhea, but are not dangerous or even life-threatening in generally. Treatment is nevertheless very important, especially since many types of worms such as flukes or tapeworms, are certainly applicable to humans.

Treatment of pets and possible preventive measures

  • Of course, the effective treatment and possible preventive measures aimed primarily according to which the cat parasite infested or against which parasites you want to prevent a cat owner. Against Fleas can protect so-called flea collars. The treatment, which is usually done by means of a powder that kills the fleas, is now very easy and usually free of side effects.
  • If the infestation is to be with Giardia prevented, so this is only possible on a very good hygiene and also the dogs should have no contact with other cats. If the disease is detected, which is not always very easy, the treatment usually is very effective and is carried out via the administration of the drug metronidazole.
  • Against the spread of worms in the intestines of the cat can most easily prevented in principle, namely by performing a regular worming. This worm treatment is done today by the administration of a tablet or a liquid agent to be instilled into the neck of the cat. For free range cats this precautionary measure should be in the quarter on average once. With pure domestic cats, it is sufficient for most physicians to view when the worm treatment is carried out twice a year.
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