Cats - find nontoxic balcony plants

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Cats - find nontoxic balcony plants

Ask nontoxic plants on your balcony.

Important for cats - search for non-toxic balcony plants.

First, you should check the current plant inventory in your home, on a balcony or terrace once. Ask researching whether the existing plants are really toxic for cats. The best way to create a list of existing plants and ask your vet for the safety for cats. If poisonous plants are, they should be given away to cats free households or safely accommodated in rooms to which the cats are not permitted.

The selection of non-toxic balcony plants

  • To simplify the selection of non-toxic plants a little, here is a small list of acceptable balcony plants listed. These growths are nice to look at for you and safe for your four-legged friend
  • - Erika, Thyme,
    - Thyme, Lady's Slipper, Fingeraralie
    - Bellflower, Bergamot, Glanzk├Âlbchen
    - Hahnenkamm
    - Camellia, coral berry, Kentiapalme, Korbmarante
    - Lycaste
    - Daisies, ice plant, feverfew, Stonecrop
    - Easter cactus
    - Slipper wort, passionflower
    - Rose
    - Shield fern, sword fern, Saumfarn, Hebe
    - African violet
    - Water Mint
    - Asparagus fern, Room oats, lemon balm, Cyprus grass, dwarf pepper
  • Certainly there is here no claim to completeness and there are more cats friendly plants for balcony and terrace. Ask for a new purchase your florist or your veterinarian if you are uncertain about the toxicity of the plant.
  • Those who want to investigate further, found on the Internet lists of plants that are toxic to cats, some even stating the symptoms of poisoning.
  • You should also keep in mind that most of fertilizers and sprays are also unpalatable to cats. Again, be careful, freshly fertilized or sprayed plants should be out of reach of cats.

There are extra for cats - nontoxic balcony plants

  • To keep the cats from the ornamental plant, it makes sense to offer them "own" plants that are intended to be eaten. Here fragrant, cats friendly grasses and plants, such as different varieties of catnip, valerian, Cyprus grass or Katzengamander suitable.
  • The grasses can be planted or sown in decorative bowls, are to be regarded still pretty healthy for your favorite and. If you are lucky, the problem thus controls by itself and other ornamental plants in the house and on the balcony are allowed in future in peace.
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