Cats of plants away - so you can protect your pets from poisonous plants

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Cats of plants away - so you can protect your pets from poisonous plants

With a few steps you can keep cats from your houseplants.

There are many plants that can be very toxic, especially for cats. Who wears many houseplants should check the first one about which because of cats are the worst plants and this does not even buy. Here's a start then ever made. Nevertheless, the question remains, how can I cats of plants keep exist anyway.

Cats of plants away - there is not a panacea

  • It's odd that cats rarely have in the wild intoxication due to the consumption of plants. Therefore, one wonders why they especially for indoor plants know no stopping. In the wild, because cats is something available that they need necessarily namely grass. Therefore, you should provide your cat at home with grass, then the demand will subside after houseplants and the problem how to keep cats of plants, then is no longer in most cases.
  • Ask some potty with cat grass between your houseplants, which are love cats and therefore determines your plants avoid future.
  • Cats require toys to be able to deal. You should check here in the pet trade, which parts are very popular with cats. A scratching post is essential for cat 'so they can climb.
  • If all this still does not lead to a success, there is still the possibility that you rub parts of your plants, for example, with a little vinegar. This fragrance hate cats and will also react to it. Furthermore, you can sprinkle in the pots a little pepper or put a few pieces of garlic on the earth. These scents avoid cats.
  • A guarantee of success can not be given, of course, when it comes to the problem how to keep cats from plants.
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