Cavitation - Find out the success of the treatment

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Cavitation - Find out the success of the treatment

Cavitation - solving weight problems?

As a cavitation expires

  • Before treatment offers the medical specialist to arrange a consultation and a medical examination.
  • It measures and photographing and the extent of your problem areas and marked those parts of the body where fat cells to be destroyed.
  • The actual cavitation consists in irradiating the fatty tissue with ultrasound. Here fat cells are destroyed and the therein stored fat enters the lymph and is transported with the lymph.
  • In Germany in particular, two methods are currently conducted: MedContour and LipoSonix.
  • In MedContour is produced by ultrasound bubbles in the fat cells, which burst characterized.
  • In LipoSonix with high-frequency ultrasound to generate high temperatures. The heat, the fat cells are destroyed.
  • about three to five treatments are required per problem area; with large fat deposits even up to ten.
  • Pro session, you must reckon with 300 to 500 euros; the insurance does not cover the costs.
  • After cavitation treatment you should go for lymphatic drainage and dispense three days completely on carbohydrates.
  • Contraindications for this treatment are pregnancy, lactation, diseases of the heart, liver or kidney and autoimmune diseases.

Comparison of ultrasonic treatment and liposuction

  • Unlike liposuction, the ultrasound treatment is non-invasive and does not require general anesthesia or local anesthesia from.
  • You people can resume your everyday activity, while still a hospital stay or wearing associations frequently required during the liposuction after surgery immediately after the cavitation treatment.
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