CD does not start automatically - what to do?

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CD does not start automatically - what to do?

CD does not start? A glance at the control panel helps Gisela_Peter / Pixelio

If after inserting a CD or DVD into the drive appear no screen, the additional options for the process with the media so is probably using something wrong with Windows. Remedied by the system controller, which contains many options for automatic playback. On Windows Vista and 7, there is this from the Start menu on the right side. For Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 should be gone in the right upper or lower corner of the screen with the mouse and the gear to be clicked in the screen that appears Charms bar. In the icons that appears to be selected "Control Panel".

CD does not start automatically - what to do?

Go into the Control Panel on your Windows computer Christoph Till

Many options for automatic playback available

Then click on "Hardware and Sound". From this point, there is now the option "Automatic playback". Click on it, so all options appear for automatic playback of removable storage devices, memory cards, CDs and DVDs. Under CD you will find a variety of options to adjust for different types of CDs AutoPlay. In the drop-down menus can now be selected, what to do with a media inserted. The default here is "Always ask" preset. If desired, however, a specific option can be selected. The to be chosen options depend on the software installed on the computer.

Here are some available options:

  • Audio CD: play audio CD or open a folder to view files, perform any action, rip audio CD (meaning it to the hard disk copy)
  • Burn files to disc, burn a CD Audio, Take no action: Blank CD
  • Video CD: play video CD, Open Folder to View Files, Take No Action
  • Software and Games: Install or run program, open folder to view files

The automatic playback easier when inserting a CD by the correct settings to use considerably. However, should the option that is used are chosen with care. In the setting of the control panel also is still an option available with the can be selected so that the automatic playback is to be activated for all devices and media. Among the new versions of Windows, it is usually activated. If everything is set up and the CD does not start, this ticks should also be checked.

CD does not start automatically - what to do?

Select the option "Hardware and Sound" and then "AutoPlay" Christoph Till

CD does not start automatically - what to do?

Check if the hook for automatic playback for all devices and media is enabled. Christoph Till

CD does not start automatically - what to do?

Configure the area "CD" to your liking! Christoph Till

CD does not start automatically - what to do?

Select "install programs and run" option in "Software and Games" Christoph Till

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