Censure in school - how to deal with it as a parent

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Censure in school - how to deal with it as a parent

Observance promotes learning.

Encouragement and mindfulness bring joy to the parent-child relationship

  • If your child has brought a reprimand from school back home, then you should not additionally punish it. In perpetual reproach your child's willingness to learn will continue to decline, and nothing will change.
  • The same effect you if you do not respond to the censure and so oblivious to your child.
  • Only with encouragement, attention and care your child is encouraged to open up and learn more about the background of censure.
  • If your child is perceived by you, which strengthens his belief in himself, quasi self-image.
  • Important is that you look closely. Understand your child as a whole person. Just so you also recognize the real reason for censure in school. The reasons may be different, ranging from anxiety through to cry for attention, recognition and attention.
  • Does your child suffer additionally from anxiety, insomnia, stomach ache, headache, learning denial, gnashing of teeth, nail biting and urinary incontinence, shows clearly a psychic continuous voltage. Here you have to act fast because this can quickly lead to physical pain. Under no circumstances should you even further humiliate your child with a reprimand with insults and even punishments.

To behave properly in a rebuke at school

  • If your child brings a reprimand from school back home, you should not losreden it, to instruct it and steer so in a better direction.
  • Take your time, let your child talk, and listen calmly to. Take action. The matter is not on the wing from, and see your child in the eye when you speak
  • Thus your child will feel respected, because his parents are interested in what it moves, scared or what it wants. Your child feels taken seriously and that strengthens his self-esteem.
  • Ask your child, from what it is afraid and go one on his fears. Save yourself the sentence: "You surely are not afraid." Show your child instead prefer options on changing the unpleasant situations positively. Your child needs the experience that you work with him together fears, their quasi accept truthful.
  • Reduce the expectations and demand pressure on your child. It will do this through a healthy and stable parent-child relationship all by itself what you teach him in loving support and guidance.
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