Chair - Replace the reference

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Chair - Replace the reference

As good as new.

Preparing chair to obtain

First spoiled for choice remains: Shall the chair shine in a new fabric or leather? In real leather or leatherette? Should the material be glossy or matte? Never mind looking from the new reference for your chair to your taste and the use of the chair. Upholstery fabrics have different thicknesses and strengths. Thereafter, the degree of wear is determined. Chairs at the dining table have a higher load than chairs in the conservatory. Keep this in mind. While selecting the material

  1. Now First loosen the seat plate with a screwdriver by loosening the screws on the frame and remove the plate.
  2. Now remove all staples from the old reference to expose the padding. Here, a thin screwdriver is especially suitable. Do not discard the old fabric. He is a perfect cutting template for the new Reference substance.
  3. The upholstery is now also removed. The chair should always be re-upholstered. To get a better seating comfort.
  4. Cut to the old template of padding with the cutter a new piece of foam to.

reflect the new seat

  1. Insert the new foam padding on the seat plate. Secure the padding with adhesive.
  2. The pre-cut fabric furniture will be spread. The pattern points downwards! Now insert the chair plate with the padding for fabric on. Wrinkles the fabric on the bottom edge about 1 cm around and staple him by the edge.
  3. Important now is to festzutacken the opposite side next. Thus, you avoid ugly waves. Also insert the fabric back to 1 cm and staple him. Pull the fabric taut again. Proceed with the other two sides of the same.
  4. even the corners buckle and staple the end clean. Even the finish-related seat plate can be attached to the frame with screws.

Finish is a chair with a new respect. Individually designed and himself.

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