Champagne trough - so you tighten your abdominal muscles

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Champagne trough - so you tighten your abdominal muscles

Extremely attractive: A firmer belly.

A tight stomach is generally perceived as a very attractive and looks even under tight clothes better. Many people want to have a six-pack or a champagne trough - a small depression that runs perpendicular between the abdominal muscles. However, as you come to a so flawless belly? Below are two effective exercises to tighten your tummy.

Sit-ups for champagne trough

Sit-ups are considered the most effective exercise well to Bauchstraffung- But as you lead them through properly? Find out here.

  1. Place first on the floor or a thin mat.
  2. Then place the legs on a chair or other elevated surface from, so that a right angle is formed between the abdomen and thighs.
  3. Then place if you are a beginner, hands crossed on his chest. It becomes more difficult when you fold his hands behind his head.
  4. Now sit on half way so that you can feel a distinct tension in the abdomen. Important: Do not cheat yourself Only the abdominal muscles may cause here setting up..
  5. Then slowly go with the upper body back down, but not completely, so that your stomach remains tensioned.
  6. Repeat this movement twenty times Only then insert from the upper body.
  7. Forty sit-ups a day are sufficient to start with.

Second exercise for Abdominoplasty

  1. Go down on all fours. Look again at a right angle between the abdomen and thighs and between the upper and lower limbs.
  2. Then lift your knees slightly.
  3. Then lower your right knee slightly toward the floor, but not touching the ground.
  4. Now go to the left knee and also reduce this to the floor without touching him.
  5. Make every knee ten reps and put the knee then only starting.
  6. Also from this are two repetitions for starters enough.

For both exercises together you need a day for no longer than twenty minutes. Take your time and you can soon admire your champagne trough.

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