Change brake fluid - calculate costs correctly

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Change brake fluid - calculate costs correctly

The brakes of a motor vehicle are very important.

Which brake fluid is required

  • The costs, which are caused when changing the brake fluid to be influenced by two main components: The brake fluid and the working time.
  • Which brake fluid needs which car, is usually in the manual of the vehicle. Herein shall also state how much fluid needs the car.
  • The working time in a specialist garage usually between half and one hour. Provided, of course, that everything runs smoothly.

Incurred total costs when switching

  • Once you have together the data mentioned above, you can determine the cost of changing the brake fluid. The rate for the fluid you get when you look around in a car accessories shop or us for shipping price on the Internet. Now you need to multiply this price only with the required amount and you know how much is the brake fluid.
  • To determine the cost of the work, you must of course know the hourly wage of the workshop. Then you expect between one half and one hour.
  • Add together both amounts and you now have an approximate value of how high the costs when replacing the brake fluid will be. However, this may not equal 100% of the actual cost since the workshop has to buy the brake fluid and is open in all probability a few euros for processing. But thus you get a rough overview.
  • If you can change the brake fluid of your motor vehicle in a free workshop, then you might also ask if you can buy the brake fluid itself and bring there. This could save a few bucks under circumstances.
  • Likewise, you should not immediately make an appointment with your regular auto repair shop, but can give a range of other companies: The ATU and partly of tire dealers can do this job and are usually cheaper.
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