Change proxy settings - how it works

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Change proxy settings - how it works

About Proxy you can conceal your identity on the Internet. Pascal_Ballottin / Pixelio

How to configure the proxy settings shape, depends on the browser used. Only the most common browsers are explained. It may be that resulting from the use of other versions than the listed deviations.

What it means to modify proxy settings?

  • A proxy is an interface between two or more networked computers, which conveys the exchanged signals.
  • When accessing from his PC via proxy to a server, this only recognizes the address of the proxy.
  • For example, a different identity are specified, such that it accesses from the United States to a website.

find proxy settings in the browser

  • Basically taking the browser is different only in the structure of the settings menu.
  • In Mozilla Firefox and the Internet Explorer, visit the Internet and networking options under the "Tools" menu.
  • Click on it, a window opens to configure the connection. There are various options are listed, among which you can choose.
  • In Google Chrome is the top right button with three bars, which opens the menu for adjustment when clicked. Select the "Settings". Click at the bottom of the tab with the options menu, which opens, "Show advanced settings" on. In "Network", see this button "Change proxy settings".
  • Click the "Safari" menu of Safari browser to "Settings" and then "Advanced". In addition to "proxies", see the "Change settings". The "network" window that opens, one of the system settings, not the browser. In it, the options for proxies are listed.
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