Characteristics of a democracy - so inform yourself properly about politics

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Characteristics of a democracy - so inform yourself properly about politics

Use the Media You can provide appropriate information on politics and democracy.

Characteristics of a democracy for political information

  • In a democratic state elections are free, general, equal and secret performed. The majority principle applies to all policy decisions. It minorities are recognized and protected. These characteristics of a democracy apply without exception to all aspects of the policy.
  • Another feature of a democracy is the government authority. In democratic Germany is bound by a constitution. Belief, expression, assembly and freedom of information of all citizens are inalienable.
  • In order not to create violence in individual hands, there are respectively organs, which operate independently of each legislative, government and jurisprudence.
  • In Germany, the government operates on the principle of representative democracy. Elected representatives make laws. Referenda are possible in exceptional cases, but not the rule.
  • The representation of the people determined to form a government and legislation. Ministers and governors are responsible to Parliament.
  • In the 17th century, emerged first characteristics of a democracy. Only since then certain of the general will of a people on the policy of the state.
  • After several failed attempts, West Germany became a democratic state after the 2nd World War. With the peaceful revolution in 1989/90 Germany was quite democratic.
  • The guiding principles of democracy, the principle of the rule of law, free elections and human rights also characterize the European Union's policy.

Inform yourself. In magazines, on the radio or television programs daily politics There you recognize the characteristics of a democracy of government decisions and legislation again.

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