Characteristics of antiquity - so you questioning of history

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Characteristics of antiquity - so you questioning of history

Characteristics of antiquity are very concise. Dieter Schütz / Pixelio

What distinguishes the Ancient

  • The ancient culture was spread mainly by the Greeks and later the Romans, in many parts of Europe. With great conquests they subdued foreign cultures and impressed them with their features.
  • Rich cultural heritage and trade relations to foreign countries testified to the cultural and economic wealth of the ancient world.
  • Population growth increased by the prosperity of the ancient member countries steadily, and first cities also came to light in Greece and the other Mediterranean countries.
  • City-states, called Polis, are characteristic features of antiquity. Constitutions govern coexistence among citizens in the individual Polis. These early forms of democracy were exemplary for the development of other Western forms of government.
  • Not only the arts were encouraged in ancient times, the sciences flourished more and more, and played an important role in the ancient culture. No wonder the Ancient is considered the cradle of Western culture.

You can scrutinize characteristics of historical images

  • It is important that you obtain comprehensive information about a particular epoch or a historical event. Only with diverse knowledge as possible can be established of history question.
  • The antiquity was indeed a model for the development of democracy and a legal system, but political life could only make male citizens.
  • One of the features of antiquity is their extensive sphere of influence. However, could the Greeks and later the Romans, increase only as far as the Mediterranean countries were colonized with aggressive conquest.
  • Although the ancient culture was formative for future periods, it has been influenced by other cultures. the Greeks and Romans were inspired by other traditions and adapted foreign customs on its numerous conquests.
  • Despite the enormous prosperity and steady growth antiquity was characterized by many internal crises.
  • The diversity of religions was one of the special features of the ancient world, however, Emperor Constantine I was privileged Christianity and thus debilitating the religious pluralism.
  • Do not rely on one source and invited to rely on different media in order to understand history. Each view is a little different, puts other priorities or not treated certain subjects.
  • In order to assess views of history and to draw their own conclusions, you need to thoroughly investigate and find the best balance between the different displays.
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