Charging voltage for car battery - Notes

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Charging voltage for car battery - Notes

Car batteries have important responsibilities.

Facts about the car battery

Each vehicle requires a car battery and this has a very important task. The accumulator is generally made of lead and supplies the starter of the vehicle with electric current. While this is the most important but not the only task of the vehicle battery. no longer runs the generator of the vehicle or too slow, so the generator can no longer supply power to the electrical consumers. In such a case, then simply takes the battery power from the inner light and other consumers. If the battery is too weak or exhausted, so your car will not start and you need help getting started. In a low capacity and a still-functioning car battery, this usually works without problems. but no longer Loads your battery and is defective, so you need to buy the first thing a new battery. for every car battery specific information and these play charging voltage and charging current major roles.

Important information about the charging voltage

  • If in your car battery, the set values ​​of the charging voltage are exceeded or fallen below, this can lead to bigger problems. The life and the capacity of the vehicle battery can be directly influenced. The regular charge voltage at each battery is at least 13.8 volts and the maximum value of 14.4 volts may be exceeded under any circumstances. The controller can be taken by a professional check reliably.
  • If the voltage is too high, so lose your vehicle's battery too much water and thus increases the charging voltage from consistently. As a result, decreases the life of your car battery and you can soon buy a new copy. Should the voltage fall below the specified minimum value, so this is also not beneficial for the battery. As a result, your battery no longer be loaded ausrechend and this also complicates booting your vehicle.
  • By shortened life you must also soon buy a new battery. Do you want to recharge your battery with a battery charger, the charger must always be adjusted so that the upper loading area is at 14.4 volts. When charging current is only an estimate a tenth of the total battery capacity.
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