check cell phone coverage - how it works

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check cell phone coverage - how it works

The mobile network coverage is a key decision criterion.

What is the mobile network coverage?

The network speed - if there are any such in your area - depends on how well the area is supplied, has thus how many masts erected your network provider in this room or shared. At the same time it is crucial to your satisfaction with your provider, but deciding whether and how well you can be reached by phone. Only in very few parts of Germany, there is still the known dead spots, the calls can be overthrown and are incredibly frustrating for every mobile user.

Statistics of network provider - a first point

  • If you are interested in a service provider, look first on its website after the mobile network coverage.
  • This information can be found in the shape of available, ordered mostly by counties and states, so that you easily find their way to her.
  • Find it first to their own location or the region where you want to be always on the move. Depending on how strong or weak the mobile network coverage of the provider in the region concerned, it is dyed. Most vendors will also help in a uniform manner before: The darker areas of the map are perfectly connected, you can be reached there always and at any time. Bright areas, however, are as yet undeveloped. Rarely will you see also regions that are not dyed - these are far remote and there you encounter likely to dead spots or are not generally accessible.
  • Not every provider has such a card on the website. Then you need to know to which network it belongs. The system is very simple and at least you can find on his website, especially among the smaller providers. Bring the experience in and then orient yourself with the map of the appropriate power: D1: primaries 0151, 0160, 0170, 0171, 0175, for example, T-Mobile, Congstar, Drillisch, debitel etc .; D2: primaries 0152, 0162, 0172, 0173, 0174, such as Vodafone, Mobilcom etc .; O2 Network: primaries 0159, 0176, 0179, for example Fonic, Tchibo etc .; E-Plus network: primaries 0157, 0163, 0177, 0178, 0160, 0161, 0162, 0163, 0164, 0178, such as Aldi,, etc.

What other to cell phone coverage?

After you have looked at the map of the network provider, you should seek some opinions of other customers for mobile network coverage. These can be found on the test report portals, but be careful - some of these are written by professional copywriters and are not real.

What is your overall impression from the network provider of your choice? If its mobile network coverage rather positive or negative? Are there reviews from users in your area, have to offer the first-hand experience? Trust in the opinion of existing customers who need to know it.

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