Check Mobile Balance

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Check Mobile Balance

Your credit can be easily determined.

The balance of your mobile phone, you can via a short code, but also use the hotline of your provider or query online.

A speed dial number for the credit

  • If you want to know how much credit is still available on your SIM card, you can use a special shortcut to query this can.
  • The special codes are a mix of call and SMS because only enter a combination of numbers, but not send them as SMS, but with the call function.
  • while the Code therefore applies to the queries of the balance 100. Use the keys of your phone in the home screen (not as a short message), the * symbol, then the digits 1 0 0 and finally a #. Then press the button that you also call numbers.
  • This provides you with almost all mobile providers access to an overview of your current account balance, which will be displayed as text. Mostly you will not be charged for this query.

The phone hotline to query the account balance

  • Each wireless service provider has a bank account or Server service. This can be used mostly for free and offers various features, such as the top-up, the Book of specific tariff options or to query the account balance.
  • Often, the phone number is already stored on your SIM card and therefore on the phonebook of your mobile phone available. Alternatively, you can search on the website of your provider also via online.
  • When you call, be sure to be received by an automated message, which tells you which button on your phone, you must press to query your balance can.

Additionally, you can also call up your account balance online but some mobile operators. But this is true only if you chose a password for the online applications when registering your SIM card.

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