Cheque Exhibit - it CONSIDERATIONS

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Cheque Exhibit - it CONSIDERATIONS

Burst checks endanger the creditworthiness.

As an exhibitor of a check you promise the person who answers the call, the payment of a certain sum of money. Checks come as a result of electronic payments out of fashion.

A check must have sufficient funds

  • The receiver shall present the check to his bank, with instructions to pass on this to the bank, which is designated on the form, so your bank. Your bank will cash it if your checking account to be debited with the payment amount, is covered.
  • They may therefore only write a check when your checking account has reached the balance or with the bank an overdraft agreed. If there is no coverage, your bank will reject the check and not cash. Your check "bursts".

Avoid suspicion of fraud

  • The receiver you could then accuse you knew or should have known that your bank the check is not cash. They consist of the suspicion of check fraud.
  • The gain in time, you win with the exhibition, is disproportionate to the potential consequences.
  • You must be aware that your bank receives in a blacklist, so your economic integrity is jeopardized.

You can issue cash or for settlement

  • Your check can be a personal check or a personal check. You can make a personal check for crossed check by - best top left - write down the words: "Only for settlement". The recipient can then redeem it only on his checking account and get him not paid directly in cash. so you reduce the risk of abuse by a third party if the document comes into the wrong hands. By cashing in on a checking account can be found who has collected the amount.
  • You can issue the certificate in the name of a particular person. Do not do this, each owner can redeem it. If a name on the paper, that person can pass on the paper by signing their names on the back (endorsement).
  • Make sure that you fill in the amount field so that the amount can not be changed by a third party. For safety, you should repeat the payment amount in the relevant text box in words.
  • Sign the check with your name.
  • You should write a presentation date to which the recipient must submit the paper. If he places this early before, your bank may even redeem upon presentation.
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