Cherry red hair - so manage your look

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Cherry red hair - so manage your look

Red hair is striking and self-assured.

Cherry Red is a color that looks very chic, but never, of course - the Haarton is simply not found in nature. Therefore, one always sees that you have your hair dyed, which is of course no problem.

Advantages and disadvantages of artificial and natural coloring products

When choosing the hair dye you have the choice between artificial and natural products. The listed below colors are for self-testing. Color yourself is the cheapest way. You can also seek help from a friend or a girlfriend. The colors at the hairdresser are usually artificial kind, unless you find a "├ľkofriseur". The barber is the best result because it colors each strand individually. Also highlights see the Barber of mostly better. Of course, the dyeing costs to the hairdresser more.

  • Cherry is available as conventional artificial hair dye, for example, by Garnier Nutrisse. Despite avocado oil and anti-drying formula such hair color is harmful for the hair permanently and irritated scalp. Who has thick, strong hair that needs to remember not necessarily. Thin, fine hair may increasingly show split ends and dehydration soon. Advantage of a conventional hair color is that it covers well, lasts a long time and even darker hair can be dyed with it.
  • Cherry also available as herbal hair color, for example, the Colour Cream Cherry Brown by natural cosmetics manufacturer Sante. This color is peculiar that they do not attack the hair. They also do not intervene in the hair structure, but lie as a color layer around each hair. The Colour Cream Sante is free from animal ingredients. The downside is that you can choose colors only, which is equally bright or darker than your natural color. Depending on your starting color you get very different results. Do you have white-blond hair, Cherry Brown can be very flashy, for example, with dark hair to be seen the effect hardly.
  • A compromise go a with the hair color of Sanotint that you get, for example, in health food stores. The number 24 is cherry. The hair color of Sanotint consist mainly of natural ingredients. They contain no ammonia or parabens or silicones, paraffins or formaldehyde. A very small proportion of artificial dyes ensures good gray coverage. In addition, the colors maintain the hair with golden millet extracts.

Who wants color unique and wants a precise and good coverage results, may resort to a conventional product. In the long run, this is not recommended because it attacks the hair. On the safe side you are with natural cosmetics, however, does not color it so exactly.

Fashionable color combinations to cherry-red hair

Cherry red hair is indeed an eye-catcher, but do not fit all styles and colors.

  • Cherry red hair fit generally like to Black. Just dress in Gothic style blends well with the dark shade of red. Some colorful accents in your black clothes, for example, in dark purple, your hair color tie better with the overall concept of your outfits.
  • Whoever confesses fashionable prefer color, can also send cherry red hair garments in bright colors combine. A bright green blouse with a black skirt or a petrol blue shirt with black trousers look colorful and tastefully made to cherry red hair.
  • Avoid reds in your clothing, especially fire engine. Reds are mutually combinable and hardly bite the cherry of your hair. Who likes to wear red, should choose a different color for his hair.

So if you want to color your hair red cherry, you can artificial, choose the hair color enervating, but provide a good color result. The alternatives are natural cosmetics or the colors of Sanotint that are gentle to the hair, but offer fewer options, depending on your natural color.

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