Chihuahua Yorkshire Mongrel - Information

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Chihuahua Yorkshire Mongrel - Information

Chihuahua Yorkshire hybrids are temperamental dogs. Alexander_Litke / Pixelio

Appearance and character of Chihuahua and Yorkshire Meet

  • Chihuahua and Yorkshire are small breeds, which are very popular because of their small size. It is interesting to know that the Yorkshire was grown in the 19th century by English miners and weavers legged terriers and Maltese, to obtain a robust, small and intrepid dog. In Chihuahua the origin of the breed is to determine not exactly.
  • Both breeds are robust, are not sick more often than a large dog and have an average of 16 years, a much higher life expectancy. They are delicate creatures - where the Chihuahua as the smallest dog in the world is known - are affectionate and funny. Note, however, that their voices can sound bright and penetrating, and they tend to Bell joy.
  • Yorkshire have a rich and silky fur. Chihuahua see two variants; they can choose between a short-haired and long-haired dog, the first wearing a short, dense coat, which is the neck and tail somewhat longer, and the second over the entire body wearing a long coat.
  • Chihuahua wearing different coat colors and their combinations. The Yorkshire Terrier is dark steel blue in the rule and must not be mixed with bronze or darker hair. Note that the reaching to the bottom hair on the chest, on the head and on the legs must show a rich golden color that is brighter towards the tips to some nuances.
  • Since the genes of both dogs are present in a mixed breed, you will find them small, long and short-haired dogs with different coat colors. Especially nice when man and dog from the beginning sympathy received to each other and so the choice is made is.

Care and maintenance of note Dog Breed

  • The Chihuahua Yorkshire Mongrel is a little dog who can to encourage you to take it all too often on his lap or carrying around him. Note, however, that he also needs plenty of exercise to stay healthy. A one-hour walk or run around in the apartment makes the small, spirited guy fun. Fearlessness and bravery draw the mongrel out particularly, but may be disadvantageous since it with large dogs seems to brave through his bark in the encounter.
  • It is important for you to know that the little dogs are very intelligent and therefore to educate well, but sometimes need a firm hand in order not to become the family tyrant. Therefore it is not an ideal children Dogs.
  • Opt for a long-haired dog, intensive body care is particularly important. Daily brushing with a soft natural bristle brush is a must, otherwise matted fur and these points must be excised.
  • However, avoid daily swimming, because you the animal otherwise of natural oil, which is formed by sebaceous glands and protects against the cold and wet, escape, and use the necessary cleaning an alkali-free shampoo.
  • Ensure that the claws of time will be reduced to time, he never runs right off. If they are too long, they can cause pain.
  • Measure the amount of food according to the weight of the Chihuahua Yorkshire crossbreed. Since the dog can enjoy eating and therefor easily handle the obedience training that treats should be included with in the daily ration. Obese animals have a poor quality of life and a short life expectancy.
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