Child benefit - perform account change

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Child benefit - perform account change

Apply for an account change for your child support!

Many families get for your children child support. Child benefit is granted by the State, since the family is constitutionally particularly protected. You should think of each account change it from expressing your Child Benefit number. Just as the family budget can trace which applicant is meant.

Find out more about the disbursement of child support

  • Child benefit is paid from the family budget. It will be transferred to your account.
  • Each recipient receives a child support number. This number includes the time of payment. Ends your child benefit number, for example, to 0, you will get child benefit at the beginning of the month, includes you, however, a 9, you will receive payment until the end of the month.
  • You can get detailed information on the homepage of the family budget or reach the hotline by calling 01801-9245864. Here you will be able to answer any questions about the account change in the payment of child support. Basically, you can also ask other questions about child support. An account change is reported in very few steps and you still receive the power.

To apply for an account change

  • Anyone applying for child benefits must complete an application form. For the child benefit, the family budget is responsible.
  • Are you in receipt of benefits or member of the public service, the benefit will be determined by your masters or of the company where you work, the function of the family income and paid. Then you should consult with a change of account directly to your masters or employers and there complete an application form for child benefit with the new account change. So a continuous payment of child benefit is granted.
  • Do you mind not acting in the public service still benefit recipients, contact at a change of account directly to the family budget.
  • Call them or write down the family budget on. It is important that you give your child support number. Make sure that you provide your new account number, routing number and the name of the bank and the beneficiary. Check this information before your accuracy. At best, you should report this change in writing. On the phone has quickly understood one way or another number incorrectly.
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