Child Costume Horse - Here's how

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Child Costume Horse - Here's how

A horse's head alone acts not very authentic.

Child Costume Horse - Here's how

Patterns for Horsehead. Roswitha Gladel

Ways to represent a horse

The costume is successful when everyone who sees the child in the costume, immediately thinks of a horse. For this purpose it is necessary to implement the typical characteristics of the animal in costume. The costume must have four legs, a long horse's head with pointed ears and a tail and a mane.

  • A good option is to have two children representing a horse. A child is the head. It carries a plush jumpsuit with a hood in the form of a horse's head. The mane runs in the back from neck to waist. The other child wears a plush pants, at which the tail is attached. The upper part is a cowboy or Indian costume. There is horse rump and rider in a show. The legs of the rider consist of a stuffed trousers.
  • If the animal costume for a child to be, it can carry a plush jumpsuit with horse-hood. The mane extends from the neck to the shoulder blades, the tail is attached to the pants. The baby's hands are the front legs of the horse. This costume is not quite authentic, as the horse runs on its hind legs. The child would have to run on hands and knees to look real. This also applies to other animal costumes such as sheep or cow. Should there be a penguin or a duck, these types of fancy dress is appropriate.
  • The best option is that your child the horse and rider in a. There should be a cowboy or Indian. The costume consists of a lightweight horse's body, carried by the child through support, sitting on his shoulders. The costume is comfortable. If your child has no desire to take the horse, it can easily take this.

Child Costume Horse - Here's how

Stitching on the rear part of the animal. Roswitha Gladel

Basic design of children costume

The costume should be easy, since it is otherwise too difficult for the child. This will present the head of styrofoam and the rump of polyester wadding.

  1. Draw the silhouette of a horse head on a piece of cardboard. When the image pattern 1 can be used. Align with the size according to the size of the child. The head should extend from the waist to the armpit.
  2. Cut this shape out of Styrofoam. Change the Pappschnittmuster. There will now be a little smaller and correspond to the course of the dotted line. Cut them to this form twice. Reduce the pattern a second time and cut out the shape back twice from Styrofoam from.
  3. Glue to each other, the shapes and smooth the steps once the glue is dry.
  4. Cut out the fabric fur to a rectangle of 30 to 80 centimeters. Sew it into a tube of 80 centimeters in length. Cram in the middle of the tube cotton.
  5. Mold. The stuffed part to a hemispherical back of the horse Sew two seams next to the stuffed part (see picture 2).
  6. Cut the legs four rectangles of 20 x 40 centimeters. Place each part, right on the format 10 x 40 centimeters together and sew the two long and one short side together. Apply the four, closed on one side hoses.
  7. Stir the plaster and distribute the mass of the four plastic cups.

Child Costume Horse - Here's how

Patterns for the horses ears. Roswitha Gladel

Finish The Animal Costume

You have a horse's head, a rear portion and four legs. The costume for carnival is slowly taking shape.

  1. Glue with glue plush on the horse's head and paint them with acrylic paint on nostrils and eyes.
  2. Cut the ears four triangles with rounded sides (see Figure 3). Sew two parts to the rounded sides, right sides together. Apply. Their ears and sew them to the plush of the head
  3. Plug in each leg a container filled with the hardened plaster plastic cups. This complain legs, so you hang smoothly. Sew two legs under the head and two at the rear.
  4. Ask the child to keep the rear of the horse on his bottom. Fix the two unfilled ends of the part with hot glue on the head. The two parts must sit loosely, so your child can slip out of the costume.
  5. Drag the child's costume and sew the ends anklebten additionally determined. The costume is durable, if you do not just paste this link.
  6. Remove the buckles of the suspenders and sew two ends to the head and two on the rump of the horse. About the adjustment of the suspenders, the horse costume can easily adjust the height.
  7. Attach a strip of long hair plush at the neck of the horse's head with hot glue. Fold the remaining sides together for a ten-centimeter wide strips and glue it together. Sew him as tail to the horse rump.
  8. Paint on the horse still hooves of acrylic paint and your child can start as a horse in the Carnival.

A costume according to these instructions can use the child for years, because it can easily adapt to the size of the child. Moreover, the costume can vary through the clothing of the rider. Your child may also be a knight, if it wants to.

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