Child support after completion of training - these are the options

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Child support after completion of training - these are the options

Even after completion of training child benefits can sometimes be requested.

Child benefit during training

With the birth of a child, parents can apply for child benefits in Germany. Currently, this is 184 euros for the first and second child and for the third child receive 190 euros. For the fourth and each subsequent child the power is monthly at 215 euros. This state power is available to usually through adolescence the child. In addition, there are also possibilities to obtain this performance.

  • As long as your child is still in training, you can apply for child support continue. This is possible until the 25th birthday of the child. As eligibility, however, not only the training is considered as such, but it is crucial, whether it is an initial training. This applies to vocational training as well as studying.
  • Until completion of the initial training parents for the purchase of power no longer need to prove since 2013 that the child with its own income does not exceed the limit of 8,004 euros per year. However, evidence of formal qualifications are required.
  • If a study connected after completion of training, for example, then these are no longer a training. In the case it must be shown that an average working time of 20 hours a week is not exceeded by any employment. However, a temporary overtime, a maximum of two months, is possible without the child benefit would disappear. In addition, this maximum working time does not apply to periods in which the work is the subject of education.

Requirements for obtaining after completed training

Even after completion of training, however, the relation of the child benefit must not stop. Because then there are other ways to get this money.

  • This is possible if your child has not yet reached the age of 21 and is registered as jobseekers. It is important that the child has officially registered with a public employment - such as in the Employment Agency.
  • As a prerequisite for obtaining the child benefit after completion of training, however, is one that the weekly working time of 20 hours is not exceeded. Minor activities can be taken up without this affects the claim.
  • Besides there are for parents have the option to obtain child support for a child have completed their training, if it participates in a regulated voluntary service. This may for example be a voluntary ecological or social year. For obtaining it does not matter whether the voluntary service takes place within the country or abroad.

To receive state payment to parents after completing your training, you have to apply again. Because the payments are first set, once the child has reached the age of 18. Then, a new application is necessary, what documents must be resolved - such as a proof that the child is registered with the employment agency as a jobseeker. (All figures: Stand 05/2014)

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