Chives plant in a pot

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Chives plant in a pot

Chives are a popular garden herb.

Those who have no garden, must not give up fresh herbs. In a flower pot on the windowsill you have not only a nice decoration, but all herbs at hand. Plant chives and other spices so quite simple to itself.

planting chives - Here's how

If you do not want to miss the popular garden herb, you can easily grow in a pot of chives. With the right soil and good care you will soon be able to spice up salads and other dishes.

  1. The best time to plant chives, is in late March. Then you can throughout the year coming back to the spicy leek access because chives grow back again and again.
  2. Fill a large flower pot 2/3 with a mixture of potting soil and earth. Press the soil slightly in the pot, and then enter the seeds on it. Covering this now with about two to three centimeters potting and watering the seeds of good. Chives should always be kept moist, otherwise it will very quickly dries out and breaks down.
  3. Place the pot on the best on the windowsill or on the balcony in a sunny place. Chives needs a moist soil, but may not yet be in the water. In order to form after planting waterlogging, you should make sure that in the flowerpot ground holes, can escape through the excess water.
  4. To harvest the chives, take best a sharp knife or a pair of scissors and cut the stalks about three centimeters above the ground. Since this Küchenkraut constantly grows, you have the whole year fresh chives, which not only tastes good, but also has a curative effect.

Normally chives needs except enough water after planting no special care and no fertilizer. Note, however, that in the potting no parasites like flies settle, they may be harmful under some circumstances the plant.

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