Chocolate substitute - Aufschlussreiches

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Chocolate substitute - Aufschlussreiches

The sweet fruit of the carob tree

If you love chocolate, but many calories shy or want to lose weight, without giving up chocolate, then there is a possibility that is even healthy: Carob is the solution to your problem chocolate.

Carob chocolate substitute

  • Carob is the fruit pulp of the fruit of the carob tree. It is sweet and is used in many ways in the food industry. The taste is similar to that of cocoa, so it is unbeatable as a chocolate substitute.
  • Anyone who has ever drunk Carob than cocoa usually wants no real cocoa more. The sweet taste is due to the low molecular weight carbohydrates. Its aroma is fruity and tastes slightly caramel. The very fact that carob is very low in fat, making it a super chocolate substitute. Its fat content is about 1%.
  • Stimulating substances such as caffeine or theobromine completely eliminated at Carob, so it is well suited for allergy sufferers. It contains vitamins A and B, as well as calcium and iron and is suitable as a dietary food.
  • But Carob can do even more. Studies have proven that it can lower blood lipid level for a short time and burn fat boosts because it is rich in insoluble fiber and phytochemicals.

How can you use carob as Schokaladenersatz?

  • Since the Carobpulver can completely replace the cocoa powder, there are many opportunities to use it.
  • For example, you can have chocolate itself or marble cake. On the Internet you will find many recipes for Carobpulver. The daily cocoa drink can be replaced by Carobpulver and actually tastes not only delicious, you do something for your health.
  • Also, you could make your chocolate substitute itself by creating from Carobpulver your own chocolate. Before you can even show off your new acquaintances yet. Because who does not want to eat "healthy" chocolate.

All chocolate lovers, you can fully satisfy with Carobpulver chocolate substitute your appetite for chocolate and have no fear of the calories. Quite the contrary: With your new chocolate substitute and now live even healthier!

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