Choleric - so proceed with irascible people to

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Choleric - so proceed with irascible people to

Have a choleric ahead and scream.

The irascible choleric

  • How do you deal with a person who is permanently irascible and angry, shouting and raging? And maybe even your boss?
  • Do you know the that you can not go right, you are yelled at - often without real reason?
  • Then you guessed determined that this person might be a choleric might.
  • Even in ancient times recognized smart people that not every person as the other is, and divided them into 4 types of character. This includes the choleric.
  • The choleric is easily excitable, he suffers constantly from high blood pressure, often gets tantrums. It is unbalanced and irascible. But he also has good properties, such as strength of will, ambition and determination.

Dealing with Anger

  • the choleric Located just in one of his tantrums, do not interrupt him. Let him talk, but go a precaution in coverage. If you have enough, you also go easy. This is not a sign of weakness or cowardice. On the contrary, it is evidence of strength.
  • Take a choleric in his presence definitely serious. Refrain terse comments and calming phrases, so you bring the angry choleric more on the palm.
  • A hot-tempered man is superior to you in no way, actually it is a pitiable man. He is not with himself and his life at peace, he looks guilty, in which he can release his anger. If such people are also still Chief, they play by their power. It may well be that a choleric had earlier and may not have much to say in his relationship and has and this dissatisfaction he must get rid of. As you come to the hot-tempered just right.
  • No matter what you say in a fit of rage, he would give you can not listen and it would make him even angrier.
  • So let him calm down and talk afterwards about the so-called error.
  • Above all, you do not respond to the same level, even if it is difficult to stay calm.
  • Even after such a rage you reply him quiet and friendly. The choleric will be surprised, perhaps even ashamed that he still receives a friendly response to such an attack.
  • So not reinreden in a rage, if in doubt, leave it and be vigilant in his presence. Talk to objectively and quiet and friendly after a furious attack.
  • Take what an irascible man says in a fit of rage, not too seriously. However, you fool it better, because has the choleric feel that you do not take it seriously, it is even more screaming and more angry.
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