choose colors for living rooms properly - so it is cozy

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choose colors for living rooms properly - so it is cozy

Individual interior design by creative coloring.

Colors define the look of the room

Colors have by far the greatest influence on the effect of a living space. Each color has a different effect. With every color you can achieve a different effect in the room. For example, a dark room appear friendly with north facing position with bright sunny colors such as yellow and orange.

Cool and darker colors, such as blue, brown or purple, cause a different aura. White and black are so-called non-colors. Select this in combination with other colors. White neutralized and black looks reversing. Too much black is often perceived as gloomy.

Tips for the right choice of color

Basically, living rooms should radiate a feeling of wellbeing. You want to relax in or refresh. Choosing the right color you manage intuitively best. Keep in mind a few basic rules.

Generally, larger bright colors a space visually. If you are prone to melancholy, choose light colors. Even small room appear larger and thus higher. In contrast, dark colors reduce a space and provide security. They are well suited for large rooms and "safe nests".

Low living rooms appear higher by designing the side walls darker. A greater contrast in the color design increases the effect. Paint the ceiling and the walls dark light, the space will be lower but continue. This is sometimes recommended in older buildings with high ceilings.

Moreover, there is cold and warm colors. Shades with red components are regarded as warm and cozy friendly. You automatically feel a warmer room temperature. Cool colors have blue play in and be perceived as cool. but they have a refreshing and relaxing and are recommended for the bedroom or bathroom.

The size of the room decides by how vigorously to be the colors. Bear in mind that small spaces are fast acting oppressively through an intensely colored paint. Another criterion is the brightness or the light of the living space. A bright room can withstand stronger, bolder colors as a living room with less light.

When choosing colors for your living room, you should be in no case conditions as the color of the floor and the furniture unnoticed. Wall color, floor and furniture must harmonize in color to give a stylish and individual overall image.

  • The color choice for living rooms the most intuitive play.
  • Choose bright colors to enlarge and friendly design of spaces.
  • Dark colors for large rooms and rooms suited with much security.
  • For narrow or wide space optics select a combination.
  • Warm colors for a cozy atmosphere.
  • Cool colors for refreshing and relaxing atmosphere.
  • combine mixed color pink well with turquoise and achieve a fresh ambience.
  • Vote wall colors on furniture and floors.

Tips for different living spaces

Colours influence your energies. Living in the interest of comfort or communication you make in warm tones. These are sounds from the fields of yellow to red and brown. Cold colors dampen the atmosphere and tiresome. Bedrooms and rest rooms so you will make in cool to cold colors, including blue, green and cyan tones.

A space, such as the kitchen, keep well in warm, but subtle colors. Delicate shades connote cleanliness and hygiene. The dining area is one of the living and communication centers of the house. Here you choose the best for reds, oranges, yellows and bright greens that are communicating pleasure and mood conducive.

The nursery is considered a universal housing. It is used for sleeping, playing and working, so you should keep this room in pastel colors on the basis of blue, yellow, red or orange. Caution: Red affects aggressionsbeg├╝nstigend.

Color recommendations for various room types
room type Colour recommendations
living room Warm colors such as brown, orange, yellow for comfort
bedroom cool colors like blue and green for calm atmosphere
nursery soft pastel shades of blue, yellow or orange for Universal atmosphere

Colors that provide cosiness

A dissolved ambience, warmth and comfort radiates the color orange. Since it stimulates the appetite from a psychological perspective, this color is ideally suited for kitchens and dining rooms, as well as wall paint for rooms with little light.

Current earth and Mediterranean tones convey a rustic, nature-loving, warming atmosphere. They seem cozy and soothing. Earthy tones as colors appear on the wall, depending on the concentration, invigorating or determined. As ceiling paint you can feel earth tones as overwhelming.

The color green is associated nature - nature is peace, security, regeneration and creativity. Your living room is replaced by green - even if it comes to plants - a positive, open atmosphere.

fit, stylish and individually to use colors for living rooms, is not so difficult. If you follow the principles - warm colors for living and cold colors for cabinets - search for your wall colors and use, you can actually do anything wrong.

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