Choose hairstyles and make-up match - edged face

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Choose hairstyles and make-up match - edged face

A square face is very popular with many designers. Corinna_Dumat / Pixelio

Square shapes are not a sign of masculinity

A square face is not directly indicative of unfemininity. There are many models that are very well arrive precisely because of their squared-trains the designers.

But still a lot of women want to hide their square face shapes or be styled so that they no longer notice. In effect, you can use the simple, little tricks that you can abschauen at Stars and celebrities even.

For example there is Angelina Jolie, who has a very angular face, but her hair and her makeup so chooses, that she is very sexy. to wear long hair, which swirl around the square trains, is a trick. For this they emphasized her lips with red lipstick and lets her eyes appear larger, in which they tuscht the eyelashes strong.

Tips on how to cover up a square face

  • An angular face you can act with soft Rouge. Simply dip the daily makeup a little deeper into the powder box and distribute the Rouge evenly on the bottom half of the jaw. By discoloration take the corners from the mold.
  • Furthermore, you can enhance the effect Rouge still by grabbing over the cheekbones to a bright shade. For the light shading You can use concealer or cream make-up.
  • The Rouge-trick also works in the end. You carry the powder increased on the sides. Through the dark shimmer acts forehead narrower and rounder.
  • With respect to the Department a basic rule: Always wear all hairstyles in the height or length. Do not hairstyle that goes into the width. To give the edges more expression.
  • Especially loose hairstyles that are loose in the bud and feathered hair make the facial contours softer.
  • Although it may seem strange to you at first, you should tie your hair in a braid. Then make up your face according to the rules mentioned above and carry a lot of mascara on. How to obtain the female Model Look, which may also have something Rectangle.
  • Bob Hairstyles and perm or curls that only go up to her chin, you should avoid. These hairstyles give the angular face more width. In contrast, long hair and curls are perfect to pick up the distinctive traits.
  • Asymmetrical hairstyles such as an oblique fringe or Föhnwelle distract from angular features.
  • Finally, you should always wear round earrings. They are the perfect contrast to a striking face shape.
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