choose songs for a funeral in German - Here's how piously

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choose songs for a funeral in German - Here's how piously

Select atmospheric music goodbye.

Classic songs for funerals

  • Classic songs that are very suitable for funerals are, for example, the church hymn "So take my hands and lead me to" after a poem by Julie Catherine of Haussmann and set to music by Friedrich Silcher. The text you might be sad, there is also hope. An excerpt: "Let ruhn at your feet your poor child; it is close your eyes and believe blindly ... If I also feel the same none of its power, You lead me but for targets through the night. So take my hand and lead me until my blessed end and ever! "Because of this text, the song is also suitable if you do not necessarily believe in God, but others do not want to offend.
  • Also popular at funerals is the song "By gracious powers". should be noted however, that this poem by Dietrich Bonhoeffer rather is about the morning and really no saying goodbye text has. Was the dead member of the military or police, corresponding German songs are attached to the funeral, for example, is very suitable; "I had a comrade" The text is by Ludwig Uhland and the tune also of Friedrich Silcher.
  • In addition, you could "Nearer My God to Thee" by Erwin Schmiedel like. A classic and beautiful love song is "I pray to the power of love." The text is by Gerhard Tersteegen (1697-1769) and the music of Dmytri Bortniansky (1752-1826), which you composed 1822nd

Modern German songs

  • If you prefer modern day German music, then you could "say goodbye" Xavier Naidoo as you like Söhne Mannheims with "And if a song". Of course, it comes in the choice of songs also depends on what kind of a person the deceased and what preferences he or she would have had himself.
  • Very nice is also "The Way". Add this title once wrote for his late wife Herbert Grönemeyer. Yet "younger" is Silermond with "house of cards" or Curse with If you like Reinhard Mey, then you are certainly satisfied some of his German songs, such as "What now?" "Too bad that you have to go," Like a tree which one falls "or" My Testament ".
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