Christmas colors - decorate the apartment Classic

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Christmas colors - decorate the apartment Classic

Red is one of the typical Christmas colors.

Use Typical Christmas colors

  • Would you like to use Christmas colors for decorating, you should know what Christmas colors make it particularly comfortable and how they fit together best.
  • A particularly cozy and warm color is red. As Christmas color is red especially in rich shades, however, should not be too dark, otherwise it looks slightly bleak. Too bright reds contrast look too summery and glaring.
  • Greens can also be very well used as Christmas colors. Use this best Tannengr├╝n. This fits both the winter season as well as the typical Christmas decoration with pine branches.
  • Gold and everything Glittering are also suitable as Christmas colors. Especially in combination with candlelight, it is then like at Christmas.
  • Use the right colors in green and red, all three colors can be together or each combined very well two of the colors.

make decorations in the colors

  • Christmas colors, you can use classic in many different ways.
  • Thus, for. Example, home-made window ornaments of gold foil or translucent red transparency is.
  • Classically, you can decorate your home with tablecloths in Christmas colors. Pretty looks z. B. a red or green tablecloth with gold star from it.
  • Also use fir branches or Advent arrangements to match your home for Christmas. You may with red and gold accessories such. As grinding, decorating small Santas, asterisks or candles in Christmas colors.
  • A red poinsettia also acts very seasonally by its colors.
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