Christmas games for all the family - so manages the family reunion

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Christmas games for all the family - so manages the family reunion

Christmas games are well received by young and old.

packaging Christmas gifts

  1. To play this Christmas game, all players should gather around a table.
  2. Now enter each family member a gift (z. B. a bar of chocolate with gingerbread flavor) for packaging, wrapping paper, tape and Christmas gift ribbons.
  3. Now everyone is trying to pack as beautiful as possible the gift in a previously agreed time (eg., 30 seconds).
  4. Finally one has won, who has the gift most beautifully wrapped. The winner must then keep the gift.

Play the Santa Claus

  1. In this Christmas game a player gets blindfolded.
  2. Another player dressed now quietly as Santa Claus (hat, scarf, gloves, jacket, etc.) over.
  3. The player with the blindfold now has 2 minutes to grope about who is behind the fairing. Has he done it within the time, he gets a small gift. Did he not managed to get the disguise Santa Claus a gift.

Another game - Christmas songs guess

  1. For this game you need a book or a collection of Christmas songs. If you do not have a Christmas book, you can also prepare beforehand cards with different lyrics.
  2. The youngest player begins: He takes the Weihnachtsliederbuch or the prepared cards and reads a passage of the song.
  3. The remaining players now have to guess from which song the read aloud text comes.
  4. He who knows the song first, gets a small reward. For this, gingerbread cookies or are particularly suitable.

Weihnachtliches poem game

  1. The players are in small groups (2-3 people). Each group must now invent a Christmas poem within 5 minutes.
  2. After 5 minutes, each group submits her poem. The most beautiful or funniest poem is rewarded with a small prize.

Imp game for Christmas fun

  1. For this Christmas game, each player grabs two old things that he does not need, in Christmassy wrapping paper. The things should be definitely still functional and not too big.
  2. Subsequently, all gifts are collected in a bag. A little later everyone reaches into the bag and pulls without looking, two gifts out.
  3. Now must be unpacked and laughed because often hidden behind the packaging a funny subject.
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