Christmas in kindergarten - so you make a cheerful employment

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Christmas in kindergarten - so you make a cheerful employment

Invitation: We sing carols in kindergarten.

Text and melody of Christmas carols all children learn in kindergarten. If the song then listed, sing some children, while the others make it dance. Switch from verse to verse.

Christmas shorten the waiting time for Santa Claus

  • Carols that are not quite so seriously, make the children in kindergarten special fun. You can use the children to the tune of "Jingle Bells" by the text "The Nicholas is cold" teach. If you can still dress up a child accordingly and play the text, it will be fun. Distribute several small bells and show the children how to order will not ring too loud and at appropriate locations.
  • Two very pretty Christmas carols, which are well suited for the nursery, are "so much secrecy at Christmastime" and "Christmas in Family". Let choose the instruments to accompany the children and promote their sense of rhythm. If some children already at home playing musical instruments, they may bring them.

Merry activities in kindergarten - singing and dancing

  • If the children are to learn carols in kindergarten, they do especially like when they dance here and can dress up.
  • The song "Snow Maiden dance" is particularly suitable for smaller children. Sew them Tüllröckchen on which they attach cotton flakes. At a hairband stick a silver star. According to the moving text / the children dance, whirl and throw with "snowballs" (styrofoam). Join the song on the flute or other instrument. Let quietly sing it twice in succession.
  • For older children you can well rehearse the carol of Rolf Zuckowski "In the Christmas bakery". The representations perform the children according to the text. You get to aprons, chef hats, a rolling pin, bowl, an empty milk carton, eggs made of styrofoam, a baking tray, etc. They tinker of an upturned stool an oven, from which pick up the children at the end of the song a baking sheet that you before the performance topped with biscuits and hid it. The children and their guests can then eat cookies with the remark: "How nice it is not all burned."

Some more Christmas for kindergarten

Sure, it is appropriate to teach in kindergarten, one or two traditional carols children. The can be found in respective songbooks.

  • "Let us be happy and cheerful" is a happy song, like singing the children safe. Choose from the large number of verses just a few of so that children do not lose the desire.
  • One of the child-friendly Christmas is "Are the lights lit". Ask (be very careful) on a table tealights in glass containers ready, each child may take one before the last stanza. possibly dimming the lighting in the room a little run. If you can play keyboard or guitar, insert the instrument.
  • "Christmas time is coming now zoom" brings the children near the Bogeyman / Nicholas. Talk earlier this old name with the children. Frau Holle, who is mentioned in the song, the children know from the fairy tale. When viewing a Frau Holle.
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