Christmas puzzles - so successful games in the group

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Christmas puzzles - so successful games in the group

Christmas clothes for Christmas.

Ideas for Christmas

  • Weihnachtsfeieren there are in most companies and associations. These are frequently held when a small program performs the event.
  • This event is not a must-see. For most companies and clubs but it is welcome that all staff or club members are gathered.
  • To loosen the Christmas something few games can promote mood and be entertaining. A nice idea is to carols to "puzzle" or to guess.
  • If you wish to paint with music organizing or songs "puzzle", you have to think of the GEMA. An important thing that your Christmas is not a public event, otherwise you will have this sign at the GEMA and the costs. The music you use, you must have definitely considered the original CD or LP or cassette case. This you do not play, but only with you, so that you have legally acquired. Internet downloaded music (music download), is not advisable. but you can also play an MP3 if you have the original case.

enhance Christmas with puzzles

  • Another idea is to develop a puzzle about the Christmas story, which can be arranged as a crossword puzzle. This can be any place on the course and can be filled. By placing the puzzle, a small gift will be awarded.
  • You can also read a Christmas Crime and allow to answer questions, so you can also combine with the Christmas story. The crossword is thus more difficult.
  • You can also leave a skit list where the participants have to guess something. Or do you have to guess a riddle that is displayed on a flip chart. This can make funny, so the Christmas enjoyable memories of all participants.
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