Chronic Colitis in cats - Notes

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Chronic Colitis in cats - Notes

Chronic Colitis in Stubentiger recognize Radka_Schöne / Pixelio

identify causes and symptoms as chronic colitis

In cats, a colitis is not apparent at first glance immediately. You will find that your house cat usually has an unchanged appetite nor loses weight.

  • The first signs of acute illness is usually a frequent sales of low-viscosity faeces, which already once can happen a mishap in the apartment. Find this mucus and raspberry jelly-like bloodstains in the feces, you should immediately consult a veterinarian to be treated the disease.
  • The intestinal inflammation can be triggered by bacteria and viruses. Note, however, that most mental processes such as stress and autoimmune processes is the cause of the disease.
  • The severity of the symptoms depends on the extent and severity of the inflammatory process. This can lead to ulceration with subsequent scarring and shrinkage stenosis of the intestinal mucosa in cats. Remember that, if left untreated, the acute stage can transition to the chronic colitis.

note complications and treatment of inflammation of the colon

In chronic colitis is not just about a bowel disease, but a general disease. This is indicated by the potential complications that can occur in cats.

  • Note that Hauteiterungen, spine and eye infections, and liver and pancreatic inflammation or Anal abscesses and fistulas can develop. If it comes to bowel perforation and peritonitis, is an extremely life-threatening development that makes a surgery is required. This may include chronic ulcerative malignant transformation.
  • In the treatment of mild form of intestinal inflammation is carried out first a one-day food deprivation in order to relieve the intestine. After you feed your cat with easily digestible food that is rich in fiber. Remember in the treatment whether stress may be the trigger and try to avoid it.
  • If your vet a severe inflammation of the bowel determines the administration of antibiotics is necessary. However, it may also be necessary that a surgical removal of the diseased colon occurs.
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