CityVille always crashes - you can do

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CityVille always crashes - you can do

Why CityVille crashes often from?

Why does CityVille from always?

CityVille is one of the most popular online browser games that can be played for free by Facebook and which enjoys a large fan base. But there is a big annoyance here, because you have just really played in a frenzy, rushes CityVille always off. There are several reasons.

  • CityVille is a very memory-intensive game and has trouble swapping resources used. Eventually, the memory is then overloaded and the game crashes.
  • Often there are also problems when you use Internet Explorer, because this amplifies the problem with the memory still.
  • CityVille always requires the latest Flash Player and in this case, you are required to keep these up to date.
  • One thing that you have no influence, is the constant activism in matters updates, the company Zynga performs. These are made without regard to losses and it may even happen often that your game just crashes during an important phase.

What can you do against CityVille crashes

  • Increase the virtual memory in your system settings. Thus, the capacity of your hard disk is used to avoid overloading the memory.
  • Use Mozilla Firefox as a browser for online games, because the Internet Explorer supports the process that CityVille always crashes.
  • Ensure that your Flash Player is always up to date, and run through the suggested updates.
  • Save on your game periodically because crashes CityVille just during an upgrade from, is everything you have achieved during this period, lost.
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