Civilization 4 - win a war with the right strategy

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Civilization 4 - win a war with the right strategy

In Civilization 4 win by a good strategy and your units.

While it is possible to win Civilization 4 in a peaceful way. to play completely without a war, will, however, be almost impossible, especially when you play against the computer. There are two kinds of war: the war of defense, in which a foreign nation invades your country, and the war of aggression in which you are the aggressive part and want to conquer enemy territory.

In Civilization 4 build a good defense

Even if you do not want to win by aggressive wars, but you should be prepared for a confrontation. Other nations can quickly tell you the war, than you'd like.

  • Build independent of an existing war barracks and continuous units, so that your towns are protected from outside attacks. Here is that deterrence is the best defense.
  • In the early days you will still have good units, so you should try here to secure the goodwill of other nations. Take action and ask for support in the impending conflict. Open borders are not always a good idea, but assure you friendly neighbors.
  • Once you have reached the phase of the Middle Ages, you create Musketeers, then shooters and guns to secure your towns. Alternative to Protect Also Grenadiers are well suited for defense.
  • Attacks the enemy with a few siege weapons and a large army, it may make sense to keep units in a city and to use the defense bonus within its own grounds. Mounted units receive no defensive bonus and are not suitable for defense.
  • Take advantage of the promotion "city defense. You are your units in addition a 20 -% - bonus for the defense of own premises.
  • If you see that your opponent has failed, you push him back. Produce continuously new units and upgrade existing ones troops until you can besiege your part its cities.
  • If your opponents think, it may make sense to commit to a ceasefire. You have a say in the terms themselves and, for example, to provide certain goods or technology. The truce extends over 10 rounds.
  • Explore in time of peace new technologies, build new units and ally yourself with other nations. When in doubt, it helps you to draw with another nation against your opponent in the war.

win the war against another nation as Aggressor

If you want to be the aggressor himself in Civilization 4, choose the most aggressive nation that brings a good special unit. An example of this is Russia, which has a strong mounted unit with the Cossacks.

  • For a war of aggression is considered in many places the same strategy as for a defensive war. Build barracks and units, explore relevant technologies and secure allies.
  • Remember build your army that you need a lot more troops and a greater production of units, because your losses will be higher by a multiple.
  • Once you march towards a city, your opponent is there to contract its units. Therefore, you should expect your attack with a greater number of troops than were at the beginning of the war in the city.
  • Wait with your war, to you is iron and copper available and you can establish stronger units and guns. Although also longbowmen for attacking a city are, however, this applies only for the initial period.
  • Also for aggressive war you need siege weapons like catapults and cannons and universal units such as contacts, musketeers and grenadiers. Also mounted units can be a good choice.
  • In general: Be flexible. Be careful how your opponents react and adjust itself.
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