Class president election perform properly - how it works

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Class president election perform properly - how it works

The class president election should best be conducted anonymously.

In time for the new school year is also the choice of the class representatives. Mostly is chosen per school year, ie once at the beginning of the school year and then again after the intermediate products.

Class president election - how it works

  • A class requires at least one class speaker who stands as an intermediary between students and teachers. Usually there are even two class president, a boy and a girl in class. Thus, the class president election is clear, a small number should be proposed to "candidates" before the election.
  • You can make the children: Ask the class who would suggest for which students as class president. Collect each about five names, five girls and five boys, and write the name on the board.
  • Then begin with the election of class representative, ladies first. Every student and every student in the class is asked to write on a piece of paper the names of their favorite class president. To select course, only the previously proposed pupils.
  • The list is folded in half once and then collected. After the counting of the voting begins. The fastest way is if you to take a student to help. Since the names of the candidates already are from the pre-selection on the panel, a line under the respective names can now easily be made per voter.
  • Those student who scored the highest number of votes, then class president. If two or three students agree moderately par, you must again make a runoff between the two.
  • The same procedure then repeat in the selection of male class president. Again, making a second round, if two students have received the same number of votes. That is fair.
  • Now the two class representatives are for the coming school year fixed. But before they take office, you should use the student and the student to ask if they want to take office. But that is of course more a formality, as a rule, the newly elected class president are naturally happy about their office.
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