Classification according to EC 3 in the TV-L - Tarifrecht simply explained

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Classification according to EC 3 in the TV-L - Tarifrecht simply explained

Riches there are not in the pay band. 3

Since beginning of January 2012 applies to the countries the charging system for TV-L. This is part of the collective agreement for the public service of the Länder (TV-L) and forms its plant A. In the Tariff Regulations, see the pay groups and their associated job characteristics.

Features of the pay band 3 in the TV-L

  • The remuneration groups of the TV-L increase from 1 to 15 with upward to - that is, that the pay in the pay band 1 is the lowest and the pay band 15 the highest. The pay band 3 is thus located at the lower end of the salary scale TV-L.
  • In the charging system respectively the remuneration groups associated job characteristics are mentioned. Does your activity the corresponding action feature, you receive the pay band corresponding salary or remuneration.
  • The activities that are associated with the pay band 3, an "in-depth training" or must require "technical inculcation". It is not enough that you brief someone in passing, what to do.

Incoming familiarization thinks thorough training

  • What a "thorough training" is exactly the charging system is not defined. It gives you but pointing out that this way of incorporation on the must go in pay band. 2
  • To understand this activity feature his position is important in the fee table. Unlike the pay band 3 is only of "simple activities" is mentioned in the pay band. 2 These activities require incorporation. According to the explanatory protocol no. 9 to the general job characteristics this training a must go "very short learning phase".
  • In comparison, the incorporation has "more" mean in the pay band. 3 Here, the learning curve can therefore be as long as several weeks or several months.

Demarcation to Salary Scale 4

  • Top activities pay band 3 to Salary Scale 4 are towards delineated. These look "difficult tasks" before. This requires more than an in-depth training.
  • "Difficult activities" within the meaning of the charging system of the TV-L are given according to the protocol declaration no. 8, if the employee has a more afford to mental work. That is, the relationship of the activity must be more complex.
  • In stage 1, get off at the pay band 3 a with 1914.92 euro, in stage 6 there are at least 2404.82 euros (as of April 2014). It should be noted that no training is required for activities of the pay band. 3

To many appear a salary in the public sector rather modest. However, in small companies usually no higher salaries are paid.

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