Clean A trumpet - how it works

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Clean A trumpet - how it works

BlitzBlank cleaned!

Items of the trumpet must be cleaned - Reasons

Non-musicians often amazed that a trumpet but consists of several parts. The classical trumpet has a mouthpiece, a body made of pipes and valves. A slide trumpet, like the trumpet, for example, has additionally the train. All parts must be cleaned regularly. The reasons are:

  • By blowing into leave Humidity in your breath and saliva in the instrument. This can cause the trumpet stink after some time and settles in silver and silver-plated instruments verdigris.
  • The valves stick and become immobile. The air will no longer flow through correctly.
  • The sound worsens, the sounds are no longer clear and clean. The intonation is deteriorating, ie the tones are wrong and wrong.
  • The bubbles of the instrument is more difficult for you as a musician.
  • Your trumpet breaks when they seldom or never cleaned.

Clean the mouthpiece - Instructions

  1. Disconnect the mouthpiece.
  2. Then you can let some water run through the mouthpiece, but only briefly. It may also be hot water if you have concerns about the bacteria.
  3. Then clean the trumpet mouthpiece with the mouthpiece Putzer.
  4. Then rinse with clear water and dry brushing with a cloth that you can pull through the mouthpiece.

Clean the body with the pipes - how it works

The instrument body of a trumpet consists almost entirely of pipes, all of which need to be cleaned.

  1. Turn the trumpet.
  2. Let the valves for cleaning the tubes still in it.
  3. Now run by the horn of water in the trumpet. Again, the water may be hot, which solves most little better the deposed dirt.
  4. Press the water flow valves all several times, so really everything is flushed through.
  5. Then unplug all cables. These are the three valves and the tuning slide.
  6. Now pull the trumpet Putzer by the horn, the mouthpiece and the tuning slide.
  7. Do not forget the valve slides, you need to clean it with the so-called "styles".
  8. After all again off and rinse with water and allow to dry.
  9. Finally, lubricate the cables and then replace it.

To clean the valves of the trumpet

  1. The valves you have moved to the water flow from the corpus. Now wipe them with a clean cotton cloth, such as a handkerchief, thoroughly.
  2. Then lubricate it with the oil valve.
  3. Then put the valves back into the trumpet.
  4. Now press through all valves and pull it out again to repeat the process again. After repeating finished.

But: For any musician, it is a matter of honor that the instrument also maintained externally looks - especially for orchestral musicians. The vintage look for instruments is rather frowned upon by real musicians. Therefore, to maintain your trumpet from the outside. If you have a silver-plated or silver instrument, then going fast with silver cloth. All other initially take a cotton cloth to remove any traces of grease and polish the trumpet with a soft woolen cloth. And then: Have fun at the back clear sounds!

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