Clean air conditioning - Here's how

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Clean air conditioning - Here's how

Regular inspections of air conditioning are important.

Clean outdoor unit (compressor) - Air conditioning

  • The normally externally mounted component, also called compressor, typically has a fan, which generated heat to the circulating air gives off. The device is encapsulated in a rule and is opened only by professionals for maintenance. The fan typically has a protective grid with a filter effect. This is usually located on the rear side of the device. In operation, the fan draws here of outside air and forces it through heat exchanger fins. Depending on the design of the compressor, these blades are also simultaneously the top cover. Feathers, flying seeds and fluff may accumulate here and impair the efficiency of the compressor.
  • Regular inspection and eventual cleaning of this component is required. With special care is to act when bare slats are in play. Under no circumstances should dust and accumulated particulates are in brushed in the fins!
  • Filter elements are demountable generally. The cleaning can be done with conventional soap and a brush. Professionals open covers and blow through slats or filter elements from behind with compressed air. Consumers should have covers intact and clean only externally accessible parts.

clean room fan in the room

  • The second part of commercial air conditioners is wall- or ceiling-mounted in the room. It refers recycled coolant via insulated pipeline from the externally-mounted compressor. Most concerned an internally mounted roller fans here the air circulation of the room air. this air is usually sucked from above, before or after the aggregate. An outlet for the fresh air conditioned room can be found normally in the front or the bottom. The air flow reaches the gear through a flat filter, which has the task to remove the air of dust and fluff.
  • Depending on the design of the unit, this filter is quite fine mesh and may also consist of several elements. A flap on the outside of the housing usually allows easy dismantling of the filter elements. This can be freed with soapy water and a soft brush of adhering dust. Further, to be purified by the consumer equipment parts are not common, please read this instruction manual.
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