clean bamboo mats right

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clean bamboo mats right

Bamboo mats are easy to clean.

Instructions how different bamboo mats be cleaned

Bamboo blinds and -jalousien They are dusting once a week with a special cloth that attracts dust electrostatically. To get the very dust from the cracks. Of course you can just suck Baumbusmatten which is particularly useful in carpets or balcony paneling.

  • Once a year you should clean the mats thoroughly. Much like wicker or rattan you clean bamboo mats with water. Place the mats to in a tub with water and a mild detergent and leave it there a few minutes are. Then scrub with a soft brush away the dirt. Rinse the water thoroughly, because remnants of soapy water can cause the bamboo mats smell start. To rinse it has been proven, the mats hang on a clothesline to clean them with a sharp jet from the garden hose, or you can keep the mat over the tub to the tile and then rinse. Only when no dirt or dust can be seen in the waste water, this work has been completed.
  • Do the mats mold set what happens frequently when the mats are used in damp conditions, you should also use baking soda or vinegar for cleaning or use a special mold remover. After drying, a schimmelabtötendes agent should be sprayed on.
  • Dry bamboo mats always by spreading wrap this and if possible place, on a Clothesline. If this is not possible, you can also spread over two chairs.
  • Especially when rinsing can be a problem, as in fixed-mounted balcony guards, you can wipe the bamboo mats with a damp cloth that has been soaked in water with a floor cleaner for wood or laminate.
  • Bamboo mats, which you use as a placemat, you can also put in the dishwasher or clean in the sink with plenty of hot water and detergent. For reasons of hygiene, the mats should always be freed as soon as possible of food waste.
  • Bamboo mats for the rolls of sushi should never be cleaned with detergent or detergent, because that could cause these mats assume the taste of cleaning agent. Water these mats before use, that is, place it for a few minutes in the water, then rice or juice from fish and vegetables can not penetrate. Rinse these mats immediately after use thoroughly with water and dry them thoroughly. You can give the mats in a plastic bag or cover with kitchen foil to keep them hygienic.
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