Clean bicycle - so manage the two-wheeler Frühjahrsputz

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Clean bicycle - so manage the two-wheeler Frühjahrsputz

Here is a bicycle cleaning is essential. Dieter_Stehle / Pixelio

In spring clean the bike - how it works

  1. Before cleaning your bike, you should pre-arrange the necessary cleaning, maintenance and utilities. The cleaning and care products that are especially suitable for bicycles, please contact your nearest dealer. The different tools can be found in almost every household. Select for cleaning the bike outdoors a warm, sunny and dry day. The dirt that is removed from the wheel in cleaning up, will certainly have no one in the apartment or in the stairwell.
  2. When bicycle cleaning you should first remove gross contamination, which can be located under the fenders. This works best with a brush.
  3. Spray after a bicycle with a special bike cleaner. Keep up with the action time of the cleaner to the manufacturer's instructions.
  4. Remove after the effective time the cleaner with water and a sponge or with a garden hose. Stubborn stains should again cleaned with the brush. Use, however, to wash a high pressure cleaner. For the paint and the moving parts of your bike, the pressure may be too high and cause damage.
  5. Dry your bike then with a lint-free cloth and let it stand for a while in the sun. This evaporation of residual moisture is ensured by bike cleaning.
  6. Do not forget the wheel chain when cleaning your bike. This is treated with a special channel cleaning oil. You can accomplish this by using chain cleaning devices that are commercially available items, or with a soaked cloth cleaner.

Discarded bottle brushes or toothbrushes that are incurred in the course of a year in the home, you should not completely discard. Some of them are suitable as special tools' for bicycle cleaning, because you can get them in narrow or confined spaces.

Maintain even after cleaning your bike

As with car washing also, as is the subsequent care for the preservation of the appearance and the operational safety of the bicycle also very important and should not be neglected.

  • After cleaning and drying your Drahtesels all moving parts should be lubricated. Make sure that you are using the correct lubricant. Get this regard commercially advice.
  • Also available commercially are special polish for the painted parts of the bicycle.
  • be completed maintenance work with the application and the subsequent re-removing Chrome Polish.
  • Should your bike a long life be granted, take it at least once a year in a bicycle workshop. A general investigation should ensure the operational safety of the bicycle. There also works as the oil change at the forks and the damper elements are done. This should only be performed by a specialist.
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