Clean Concrete - Here's how

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Clean Concrete - Here's how

Clean the concrete mixer rather immediately.

To clean the concrete mixer

The important thing is to prevent the concrete in the concrete mixer is determined. Therefore it after work or before a longer break from work immediately clean. In shorter breaks, you just let him continue, so that nothing can cure. Proceed with the cleaning as follows:

  1. Remove all concrete which is still in the machine, as far as possible with a shovel.
  2. Now fill water and a shovel gravel into the mixer. Turn on the concrete mixer and let it run in the mixer all.
  3. Remove the water-gravel filling from the mixer. Repeat the process, if necessary, and rinse with plenty of water.
  4. Disconnect the concrete mixer now from the electrical outlet. Make sure that no one can connect it again while you perform the next steps.
  5. Remove the chainrings adhering concrete residues with water and if necessary with a brush. Brush the ventilation slots of the engine with a dry brush.
  6. Rinse the outside concrete mixer with water, but you do not squirt directly on the electrical components (switches) or in the vents.
  7. Should the concrete with all due caution nevertheless times lead to encrustations, you can spray it with special products such as Liquid hammer or Remmers concrete solver and dissolve with a scraper. Spray then follow with a high pressure cleaner. Do not hit the concrete with a hammer from the concrete mixer, because that leads to dents or dings. Deformations of concrete mixer cause changes the mixing behavior. Then only helps a special method that is hardly recommended.

When cleaning the concrete mixer in principle before the concrete hardens, you will never have problems with it.

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