Clean cutting boards made of wood properly - how it's done

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Clean cutting boards made of wood properly - how it's done

Holzbrettchen enjoy great popularity.

The Advantages & Disadvantages of chopping wood

About the merits and demerits of chopping wood, there are various rumors and half-truths. The following facts:

  • For many, the biggest advantage of wooden boards is that they just look rustic and fit into almost any kitchen. They come in many different shapes, you can decorate the boards and let so specially customize your phone.
  • Unlike Kunststoffbrettchen the wood works well against various bacteria. Harmful bacteria can be proven much more difficult to reproduce than about Holzbrettchen on Kunststoffbrettchen.
  • The disadvantage is also the material. Depending on the type of wood the cutting board will sooner or later have the first groove, in which particles and bacteria can accumulate more easily. Since most Holzbrettchen are not suitable for the dishwasher, you need to use other methods for cleaning. Also proper care plays an important role in the material.

How to clean and care for chopping wood properly

  • If you do not clean and maintain your wooden cutting board properly, these begin to sooner or later, to smell. This is due to the bacteria that spread over time in small wooden board, even if this process takes longer than for example Kunststoffbrettchen.
  • Clean your wooden boards best with vinegar. Rub for the vinegar with a clean cloth and let the whole thing to work for 10 minutes. This die off any bacteria.
  • Wipe the Chopping thereafter with another cloth and clean water.
  • Now when you rub your boards still regularly every 1-2 months with cooking oil, bend bacteria also. This can not easily penetrate into the wood moisture. Since bacteria especially love moisture, they can even harder multiply now.
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